Resources for Faculty Excellence Advocates

Please note: The ADAPP Project formally ended in 2014. Grant initiatives continue, having been absorbed by various offices on campus, including the Office of Academic Human Resources,Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, and the Office of Planning and Budget.   The FEA Program is currently supported by the Office of Academic Human Resources.  OverviewThe Faculty Excellence Advocates (FEAs) are faculty members who are key “drivers” of faculty quality and diversity in each college. They build close working relationships with their faculty colleagues, department chairs and deans, working to create a climate that promotes quality, inclusiveness, alignment, objectivity, consistency and transparency of all academic human resource policies and practices.This page includes resources to inform the preparation and development of FEAs, including descriptions of the role and associated "best practices," information dissiminated at FEA Consortium meetings, and other resources developed by the ADAPP-ADVANCE initiative. About ADAPP-ADVANCE and Faculty Excellence Advocates

FEA Consortium and Resources