Faculty Search and Selection

The Faculty Search Project of MSU's ADAPP-ADVANCE initiative aims to promote the adoption of faculty recruitment and selection systems throughout MSU that reflect best practices in recruiting and selecting an inclusive and high quality professional workforce. As a result of the group's work, recruiting and selection practices in the various units will become recruiting and selection systems. Compared to current faculty recruiting and selection practices, the recruiting and selection systems will be more: (1) structured, while retaining necessary flexibility; (2) consistently applied (within units) to applicants/candidates in a given search, from search to search; (3) proactive in developing inclusive applicant pools; and (4) likely to be viewed as fair by applicants/candidates and MSU faculty. More specifically, search committees will become more effective in successfully recruiting candidates that reflect MSU's value of inclusiveness and quality, while becoming more efficient in executing faculty searches.

Click here for the most recent version of the Faculty Search Toolkit. 

Please note: The ADAPP Project formally ended in 2014. Grant initiatives continue, having been abosrbed by various offices on campus, including the Office of Academic Human ResourcesOffice for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, the Office of Planning and Budget. 

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