Parenting & Caregiving Resources for Faculty

This page provides an overview of the top MSU faculty resources around issues of parenting and caregiving. If you do not find what you're looking for on this page, please visit the MSU Family Resource Center website or the MSU Work/Life website. To review all work/life topics and resources, click here for the full Work/Life Guide for Faculty & Staff.


Whether you are a new faculty member just moving to the area or an established faculty member newly expecting or adopting, finding quality childcare is an important issue for all families.

Resources specific to infant care:

  • MSU Child Development Labs has 6 infant slots available only to pre-tenure MSU faculty. If a spot is available or anticipated, pre-tenure faculty can reserve a spot by paying full monthly tuition prior to the child’s arrival.
  • Spartan Child Development Center has 10 infant slots available to faculty, staff and students. Faculty of any rank can reserve a spot, if available, by paying full monthly tuition prior to the child’s arrival.
  • Peoples Church Preschool has an Infant Program in which faculty of any rank can reserve a spot, if available, by paying full monthly tuition prior to the child's arrival.

Resources for finding childcare for all ages, including infants:

  • Great Start for Kids - Search for childcare providers of all types (centers, in-home providers, preschools) throughout the State of Michigan by clicking on your county of residence and selecting your city and needs.
  • Ingham County Providers - Search this spreadsheet of Licensed Ingham County Childcare Providers, created and maintained by the MSU Family Resource Center. This list does not include centers in Lansing. (Last update: 12/14/11)
  • MSU on - Create a user account on with your MSU (NetID) email account to gain free access to this one-stop shop for babysitters, nannies, senior/elder care support, housekeepers and even pet sitters! At, you view detailed profiles of their vetted providers and select by experience, hourly rate, availability and more. is a great way to identify childcare if you prefer to have a provider come to your home, either on a regular basis or if you need a one-time sitter. You can also search other areas of the nation and arrange care while you are at a conference. The MSU group (link above) is your portal to access this resource for free (space is limited).
  • MSU Sick Child Care Program brings qualified home care aids into your home to supervise your child who is ill. The University subsidizes 70 percent of the cost, and the parent or legal guardian is responsible for the remaining 30 percent.
  • MSU Emergency Childcare is available when your regular childcare provider is not available. Each MSU employee is eligible to use this service five days each year for each child in the family. The service is free of charge. To arrange care (up to 2 weeks in advance), call one of the designated centers on the Emergency Childcare website.


Exploring area schools is important prior to enrolling your child. 

  • School Directory - This directory of area schools includes individual school web addresses and contact information. Prepared by the Ingham Intermediate School District, a Regional Educational Service Agency.
  • Michigan Schools of Choice - The Greater Lansing Area schools participate in the Sate of Michigan "schools of choice." The schools of choice provisions in Section 105 and 105c of the State School Aid Act are designed to allow local school districts to enroll nonresident students and count them in membership without having to obtain approval from the district of residence.  


  • MSU Work/Life Listservs - Listservs are available for: Staff & Faculty Parents, Eldercare, Breastfeeding, Adoption, Special Needs Kids 
  • Parenting or Eldercare Classes - The Family Resource Center provides free workshops for MSU employees about important issues, such as breastfeeding, parenting kids with special needs, and eldercare.
  • Support Networks for elder caregiving, autism, and adoption meet regularly to share experiences and learn from others in similar circumstances.


  • Parental Leave - Faculty and academic staff who are appointed on at least a 50 percent basis for nine months or more are eligible for parental leave in accordance with this policy. This policy is to be read in coordination with the Short-Term Disability policy and the Family Medical Leave Policy. Faculty and academic staff are eligible to receive up to six (6) weeks of paid parental leave in connection with the birth of a child.  Faculty and academic staff who adopt a child younger than age six and/or not attending school full-time are eligible to receive up to six (6) weeks of paid parental leave. 
  • Family & Medical Leave (FMLA) - Eligible employees are allowed to take unpaid leave, or paid leave if earned, for a period of up to twelve work weeks in any twelve month period for the following reasons: incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care or child birth; to care for the employee's child after birth, or placement for adoption or foster care; to care for the employee's spouse, son or daughter, or parent, who has a serious health condition; or for a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the employee's job.
  • Modified Duties - Upon request, tenure system and Health Programs faculty members who have a new child (or new children) in the home under the age of 6 and/or not attending school full-time may be granted a period of modified duties for up to one semester without a reduction in effort and salary.
  • Stopping the Tenure Clock - The tenure system probationary appointment is extended automatically for one year, upon request from a faculty member on approved leave of absence (paid or unpaid) for twelve weeks or longer for reasons related to the birth or adoption of a child. View the full policy to review all reasons for Stopping the Tenure Clock.  
  • Complete list of MSU Work/Life Policies - We encourage all faculty to read the full policy statement for each policy. The complete list will take you to the full text.