Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System: A Guide to Designing, Building and Operating Large Scale Faculty Evaluation Systems

This highly successful handbook provides practical, proven models for developing and using a comprehensive faculty evaluation system. Based on 36 years of research and experience building and operating large-scale faculty evaluation systems, as well as consulting experience to thousands of administrators and faculty from hundreds of colleges and universities of all types, this new edition includes more detailed information about the process of building and operating a comprehensive faculty evaluation system and a new model for conceptualizing the full complexity of faculty performance itself. The heart of the book remains the same reliable eight-step process that has worked so well for so many institutions. Each step, including the definitions of the various roles to be evaluated, has been expanded and enhanced based on the experiences of many institutions that have followed the procedure outlined in this book.

This third edition also includes a new introductory section; new research in the field; updated forms and procedures; a new, detailed case study of an institution that developed a web-enabled, computer-supported system based on the eight-step process; and a new body of work that defines the professoriate as a meta-profession, with a rubric for defining more than 20 faculty skill sets.

(Source: Book Back Cover)

Arreola, Raoul A.
Anker Publishing, 2006
San Francisco