What is the ADAPP-ADVANCE project doing to impact faculty review and advancement? (General Questions)

How will the ADAPP-ADVANCE project impact RP&T decisions at the college level?

Personnel administrators in the college offices will help develop goals and guidelines that are aligned with the college and university goals and help develop evaluation criteria that are aligned with goals.  These administrators will work with the college promotion and tenure committees to apply these criteria during the college review process.


How will the project impact RP&T decisions at the department level?

Departments are being asked to review their policies and practices regarding RP&T and to define goals and expectation for faculty.  Toolkits and other resources provide assistance in helping departments align goals and evaluation criteria with college expectations and FEAs in college offices will work with units to help define their goals and align evaluation criteria.


What is the Faculty Information Tool and its impact on faculty review and advancement?

The Faculty Information Tool is a web-based access to AHR data maintained in the University’s central data base and will include a portal for uploading additional professional accomplishments information.  The system is being designed to display a wide variety of centrally maintained data about faculty members which can be used to generate resume’s/CVs and to assist in evaluation during annual performance review and the reappointment, promotion and tenure process.


Will the implementation of these changes make it more difficult to be reappointed or promoted?

The new processes will not necessarily impact the level of expectations for reappointment or promotion, but will increase the clarity of expectations for faculty to be reappointed or promoted.


What resources will be available to faculty to assist in preparing for the RP&T process?

A toolkit has been developed describing the RP&T process, and is available on-line and in print format.  Programs, including Survive and Thrive provide guidance in preparing for the RP&T process and a number of colleges are providing similar assistance for their junior faculty. 

A listing of workshops and programs related to career faculty planning are being created.


Does ADAPP-ADVANCE or the University provide any guidance in developing leadership skills?

The University offers a number of leadership development programs through the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development.  In addition, a number of colleges are considering or have developed college level faculty development programs and offices.  Best practices and programs are promoted by the Associate Provost for Academic Human Resources and through the Consortium of Faculty Excellence Advocates.

A listing of college-level faculty development offices/programs is being developed.