Faculty Mentoring Resource Center


In August 2011, each college implemented a formal mentoring program or, in some cases, administered programs at the department- and school-levels. This online center is meant to serve as a repository of current information and materials available through the ADAPP-ADVANCE initiative and its partner offices (e.g., Faculty and Organizational Development). As additional resources are developed or otherwise become available, they will be added to this space in order to encourage the sharing of resources between colleges and units for the advancement of the faculty.

An interactive version of the Faculty Mentoring Toolkit is available at http://www.adapp-advance.msu.edu/Faculty-Mentoring-Toolkit. You can also download a PDF of the toolkit.

MSU Policy Documents & College Examples

 Other Resources

Selected Articles regarding Faculty Mentoring

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If you have any questions or comments about the university mentoring policy, please submit them here (or e-mail us directly, adapp@msu.edu).

We are especially interested in new ideas for materials and resources to support the implementation of the policy in your college and/or unit.