Faculty Excellence Advocate Position Description

Role Description
As part of the alignment process, Colleges will engage an individual or team of individuals appointed by the Dean as Faculty Excellence Advocates (FEA). . We envision that the individual(s) serving in this role be at senior levels as FEAs must have credibility with tenure stream faculty to be effective as change agents. Possible examples include associate deans, past chairs, or senior faculty with interests in this area. This person should also demonstrate a commitment to a core value of having a diverse faculty. Each FEA will be funded at the rate of 25% from the Office of the Provost.
FEAs will be a link between the College Dean’s Office and the departments in providing input, guidance, and resources to units on academic human resource (AHR) procedures to ensure that these processes are objective, consistent, inclusive, and evaluation criteria used in faculty recruitment, retention and advancement are aligned with the goals of the unit, college and university. Some of the specific duties of FEAs include:
  1. Provide input to Academic Human Resources about interventions in units that would be most effective in addressing alignment of AHR practices with each other.
  2. Help to document the impact of the interventions on the AHR practices
  3. Work with Academic Human Resources to communicate results of data collection efforts (inventories of current practices, climate surveys and other data collected in the colleges) to faculty and administrators at Michigan State. This data will help inform changes in current practice to improve AHR processes so that they are better aligned with unit, college and university goals.
Design and Implement Tools
  1. Work with the Dean and Associate Deans to consider specific college level goals and expectations for AHR process and evaluation criteria important for faculty recruitment, merit review, mentoring, reappointment and advancement, and leadership development.
  2. Provide advice and assistance to units to help implement unit level goals and evaluation criteria related to AHR processes (faculty searches, annual review, reappointment, promotion and tenure, advancement/leadership development, and mentoring) that are based on expectations of the College.
  3. Work with Dean’s office and ADVANCE project team to develop and implement college-level workshops, programs and resources on refining AHR processes.
  4. Provide specific input to Academic Human Resources related to resource development and implementation
Collect Data
  1. Assist with collecting data on faculty AHR processes that are not readily available from central databases (e.g., startup packages, space allocations).
In summary, the FEAs are NOT compliance monitors, but serve as a source of advice and as a communication line between the Deans, Academic Human Resources and college departments/units. Each college will have a College Plan, identifying unique areas of concern for improvement given the local context. The FEAs, in collaboration with Deans, will be expected to design interventions and demonstrate outcomes to Academic Human Resources.