Cal Poly Pomona

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (CPP) will create recruitment, retention and professional development systems to help diverse faculty, including women, in STEM disciplines to advance to leadership positions.  Activities are proposed in four areas:

1)  Institutional Development/Sustainability: Develop and institutionalize processes for attracting, retaining and advancing diverse faculty in STEM disciplines.  Activities include creating a Provost’s Advisory Committee, creating assessment tools and dissemination mechanisms to share with other institutions, appointing ADVANCE Scholars, and developing information resources.

2)  Recruitment: Improve recruitment efforts for a diverse STEM faculty, including women and under-represented minorities.  Activities include improving recruitment and search processes and training search committees, developing a local employment network to assist with partner placement, and establishing partnerships with minority-serving institutions to encourage graduate students to pursue teaching in the CSU.

3)  Career Development: Assist diverse STEM faculty to advance in their careers by enhancing the RTP process. Activities include developing training workshops for RTP committees, providing systematic pre-tenure performance feedback; establishing professional learning communities; and facilitating faculty development in teaching, research and service.

4)  Leadership Development: Encourage diverse STEM faculty involvement in decisions and policy development.  Activities include mentoring, leadership internships, and developing multiple paths to leadership.

INTELLECTAL MERIT: Many of the strategies have not been tried at a primarily teaching university where the needs of the faculty are significantly different than that of a research university.  Features of this project that will add knowledge about advancing diverse STEM faculty in academia are collaboration with minority-serving institutions to recruit faculty, transformation of RTP into a learning process; and a broad definition of leadership that allows faculty to develop according to their own interests.

BROADER IMPACTS: This project will increase the diversity of STEM faculty at Cal Poly Pomona, including women and under-represented minorities.  Strategies will be evaluated for effectiveness so successful approaches can be disseminated and replicated. The project will promote teaching and research by actively working to attract and tenure talented STEM faculty and will enhance partnerships through collaboration with minority-serving institutions.