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This toolkit is designed to provide basic information on formal mentoring and the University Mentoring Policy, as well as resources to help units establish mentoring programs, relationships, or networks.

Mentoring is important to ensure that all faculty, particularly women and persons of color, have access to all of the information and support they need to be successful. This is especially critical at a moment in time when we most need to achieve faculty stability and excellence, provide high quality teaching to a diverse student body, and to compete globally.

Mentoring is not new. It has been in existence for centuries, in many forms and called by many names. It has historically been inherent in most cultures as an important way of passing on cultural heritage and traditions. More recently, the corporate world has accepted the business case for mentoring, recognizing its value to improving work productivity, satisfaction and retention. There is now a growing body of literature and empirical evidence in support of formal mentoring in the Academy to mitigate bias and promote career development and success.

MSU has a rich array of resources to assist with career development and aims to build on this foundation and provide faculty with tools to succeed both personally and professionally. The University policy and this toolkit focus initially on early career faculty. However, formal mentoring can make a critical difference at all stages of academic careers and the University is committed to developing and supporting mentoring resources for all faculty. Many of the tools in this kit can be modified for use at any stage of an academic career.

For more information on any of the toolkit contents or other mentoring resources, please contact ADAPP-ADVANCE at, 517-353-8818.